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Aileen Fisher, MD

Geriatric and General Psychiatrist 

36 years experience in healthcare.  Trained in Medical School on the East Coast in Florida. Trained in Residency on the West Coast in California.  Trained in a Geriatric Fellowship at UTSW at Dallas, Texas.  Board Certified in General and Geriatric Psychiatry by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.    

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Psychiatric Evaluation - the Initial Visit for adults:  25 years old to 64 years old.

Initial Appointment necessary for Medication Management, Psychotherapy, or Medication Alternative Treatment for OUD.

1.5 to 3 hours, Full Psychiatric Evaluation to establish Diagnosis and Treatment recommendations.   Will prescribe medications and follow-up for chronic problems, or share recommendations with a primary care doctor to manage.  $500 Self Pay 


Medication Management

Helping You Stay Healthy

Recurrent 20-55 minute appointments, discussion of prescribed medications, refills and medication changes.  $125 for 20 minutes, $250 for 40 minute appointment, $375 for 60 minute appointment.  SELF-PAY


Geriatric Psychiatry Evauation 

Special Care for a Special You

Initial appointment, for those 65 years old and up, telemedicine or in person at your assisted living facility, senior living community, or in your home.  A thorough evaluation to diagnosis and to develop treatment care plan, medication management, or recommendations.   Traditional Medicare accepted or $500 Self Pay.    


Cognitive Evaluation Assessment 

$600 Self Pay

Refer your patient to me if you wish for a clarification on cognitive impairments.  Focus is on classification of Dementia, vs. Mild Cognitive Impairments, vs. Delirium, possibly a mixed presentation.  This evaluation could take 3-4 hours and could require 2 appointments.  

Pills in apothecary bottle

MAT for OUD Management for the Older Adult

Less Side Effects and Reducing Risk of Overdose. 

Oral Suboxone for Opioid Use Disorder.  Promotes a healthy lifestyle and reduces relapse into use of opioid pain medications, which disrupts well-being of older adults.  Requires an Initial Psychiatric Evaluation, Random Urinary Drug Testing, and Treatment Plan Agreement.  $125 per 20 minute Self Pay


Psychotherapy with or without medication management

2022 SELF PAY VIRTUAL Therapy: Weekly Scheduled appointments: $185 per session. Every Other Week Scheduled Appointments: $225 per session.   Monthly: $300 for 45 minute appointment or $400 for 1 hour appointment.  

Cognitive Behavioral Techniques, Grief Therapy, Support Talk Therapy, Cognitive Reappraisal, and Psychodynamic approaches.  

Self Pay Preferred

In Person or Virtual Routine Appointments 

$80 for 20 minute for simple medication refill 

$160 for 40 minutes follow-up, medication

$240 for 60 minutes therapy, medication

First Visit Evaluation

$380   1.5-3 hours appointment 

Cognitive Evaluation

$480    2-4  hours 

Weekly Virtual Therapy 

$100/ 45-50 minute session every week 

$120/ 45-50 minute session for every other week


Traditional Medicare, United Healthcare, Optum PPO plans are happily ACCEPTED.  

If you have Traditional Medicare, and you copay 20% of their allowable fee, your portion is approximately $20 to $45. 

If you have Supplemental Insurance with Traditional Medicare, you usually pay $0. 

Not Accepted: Medicaid, WELLMED HMOs Medicare Advantage Plans, Primary HMOs in general, nonparticipating in BCBS, Aetna, Humana 


No Hidden Fees

$25 Form filled out

$25 No-show or Appointment cancelled < 24 hours notice (repeats especially) Self Pay Preferred

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