PSYCHIATRIC CARE CONSULTANTS, LLC is a dedicated provider of mental health services for residents in long term care settings.  We provide psychiatric consultation and care to our patients in assisted living facilities and group homes.  We have doctors and registered nurse practitioners well-experienced in the field of Adult and Geriatric Psychiatry.

Our services are geared towards enhancing psychiatric treatment of long term care residents in their individual setting.  We follow-up our patients for continuity of care. We minimize the manpower & transportation cost of assessment and treatment in an outpatient clinic setting. We bring Psychiatry to your doorstep!


We care for varied psychiatric conditions which include but not limited to the following:


We work closely with the family, Primary Care Physician, nursing and management staff & other specialist providers to give the best possible psychiatric care to our patients.


We bill directly to the major insurance companies for our behavioral healthcare services, please inquire with our office to check your insurance plan.


As of October, 2013 Psychiatric Care Consultants, LLC now serves seven Florida counties i.e. Orange, Osceola, Seminole, Lake, Polk, Brevard, Volusia and 61 Assisted Living Facilities across Florida! This is a beautiful testimony and witness to the great need and the tremendous but very satisfying and worthwhile psychiatric work that has been accomplished and continues to be done with our geriatric population! IT HAS BEEN A GREAT HONOR AND PRIVILEGE TO BE A PART OF THIS VERY IMPORTANT MISSION ~ THE CARE OF THE ELDERLY, THE CHRONIC MENTALLY ILL AND THE DISABLED. We salute our patients and their families and the various allied professionals we work with.  WE ARE TREMENDOUSLY GRATEFUL FOR YOUR TRUST IN US!



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